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Scientists claim a pill is having dramatic success in promoting hair growth. The makers of the pill are Glaxo-SmithKline. In early trials, the experts say, men with bald patches and receding hairlines have seen a significant improvement.

Called Dutasteride, the drug is taken in tablet form. It must be stressed that it is early days, only time will tell but trials seem to be going well, it's claimed that the drug has been shown to reduce the size of bald patches and promotes thickening of the hair. Clinical trials have to be completed before the pills become available. Don't expect the tests to be completed for up to two years or what the treatment might cost. Dutasteride apparently works by interfering with the way the body breaks down the male hormone testosterone and turns it into dehydrotestosterone (DHT). This second hormone is crucial to development of the male foetus, but in later life can cause hair to thin dramatically.

Baldness is not so much a problem of loss of hair but of hair thinning to near-invisibility, if you interfere with the operation of DHT, you can, hopefully, halve this. Two chemicals which interfere with DHT have already been created - minoxidil and finasteride. Some users of these substances have experienced modest hair regrowth. But DHT comes in two forms, only one of which is susceptible to these existing drugs, Dutasteride appears to block the action of both forms. Of course, it remains to be seen what kinds of side-effects, such as loss of libido - one might get with Dutasteride, at the moment, it does not look as if it induces anything very serious. Things look very hopeful indeed.

Although male "Crown Pattern" baldness is hereditary, hair loss can also be triggered in both sexes by stress, poor diet and lack of exercise. The search for a baldness cure has, over the years, led to unorthodox treatments. Some men claim to have had great success by cutting out tea and coffee, drinking more water and increasing their fresh fruit and vegetable intake. Others claim hanging upside down can increase blood flow to the head and stop hairs falling out. Alternative natural and organic remedies similar to my own have also been tried with success, many balding men swearing by a concoction of palmetto and fenugreek, thought to increase dilation of blood vessels to the scalp.

All in all one has to be optimistic about treatments for hair loss being available in the future but for the moment there's still no fool proof treatment for baldness, treatments available today tend to slow down MPB and thinning hair, some lucky ones do get some regrowth.

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